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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...: Everything Happens For A Reason

The trials and tribulations of the stories of our lives. Sometimes we stop and wonder why some things have happened to us, why we met some people or wonder what purpose a certain person had with coming into our lives. Some things are in our control, and some things are just not. I heart my life, for everything that it is, and for everything it isn't. I heart my family, my friends, and my love for all things creative in acting and music. For me, such questions like, 'Why did I fall for that guy?','Why didn't I get that part?', 'Why did that agreement not work out?' or 'Why did that friendship or relationship not work?',  have cropped up from time to time. But the answer is in the previous line: time. Time is amazing. It reveals all the answers we're dying to know immediately but can't find out what it is just yet. My mother always told me, 'don't rush the answers, if they are not ready to be revealed to you. Just live your way into them, and the answers will be revealed.' Don't you just hate it when your parents are actually right? lol ;) (Let's not even go to the 'I told you so' moments with them. lol)

I wrote a song awhile ago called, 'Save You For Another Day.' It was about one of my dearest friends. (We're still good friends and he knows the song was written for him too). I just adored him...but at the time he was in a relationship, and then when he was single, I was in a relationship. Our timing was way off and it repeated like this back and forth. lol But I knew we had met for a reason - the right reason, and his friendship has definitely made my life that much more brighter. :) As crazy as this may sound, there is joy and bittersweetness in things that can or cannot be, but if I've learned anything in my life, I've learned to be happy that it did happen, no matter how great or crap it was. I'm glad I went through the awkward teenage years, it's taught me humility and never taking anything for granted. I'm glad I went through those bullying years. It's made me stronger, and has given me a sensitivity in treating others the way I'd want to be treated. I'm glad things never came easy to me. It's taught me to appreciate hard work, and makes those moments of when I got a part, or when a song turned out perfectly, all the more sweeter. Life has never been boring as a result. But I guess, it's only moments, weeks, months or years later that we can laugh about it, or reminisce or learn from each experience. 

I had my heart royally broken some years ago and I just couldn't see at the time that it was a blessing in disguise. Looking back now, it was the right thing to have happened. I can look back on that relationship and smile about the good times we shared, laugh about the sillyness of it all, and the wisdom to know that I'm better off not being in that particular relationship. See what time does to you? It actually teaches you a thing or two and hopefully helps you from not turning into a cynical person, but rather a more wise and hopefully humorous soul. ;) My dear friend, Josie taught me that it's how you react to things that really counts. You may not be able to change what has happened, but you can alter the way you react to what has happened. Now why didn't I think of that years ago? lol I guess that's what good friends do - help you find yourself again after you've tripped up or fallen. 

We all have our good days and our 'not so good days' with work, school or in our personal lives. And on those 'not so great days', they may feel like the longest moment in our lives, or the worst thing that can happen. But next time you have 'a not so great day', take a step back, take a deep breath and then find the courage to tell yourself this: 'It may not feel like it now, but things CAN only get better.' Being in an uncertain and elusive industry that I'm in, I keep telling myself that during the challenging times, and it's that hope and faith in myself that has got me up to this point, and will also help me get to the next point on this journey. :) Great things in our personal lives and in our work or dreams we aspire to making come true - don't happen over night. It just takes a bit of time to make those momentous things happen, and when they do, it'll make the moment all the more sweeter. 

I can name a few things which I'm so glad that did happen: my first record deal, Scorpion King 2, The Colour of Magic, Couples Retreat, Pixelface and of course, Waterloo Road. It brought me all the love and support of you guys...

Everything really does happen for a reason. ;) 

Yours Always, 

The Girl In The Pink Glasses xo


  1. This blog is amazing! I love it. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason and it helps me through a lot. I'm also obsessed with horoscopes though, haha! It's all written in the stars! :) xx

  2. Love it! Yet another inspiring blog. You're simply amazing. Love you xo

  3. AMAZING brought tears to my eyes :')
    Love you Missy

  4. Beautiful Blog Karen
    Love You Loads <3

  5. aww this is an amazing blog it brought a tear to my eye
    i love this blog so much its inspiring

  6. Jessica Collins Rowlands.10 May 2011 at 21:52

    Hey beautiful. Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for writing about something so personal. I watched twitcam when you read it out and I had tears streaming down my face, I dont know what it is but you make me feel things and say things out loud that I would never dream of doing beforehand. Your words are words that I can't believe I have lived so long without, how did I even survive without you in my life? You know the story of my uncle, and hopefully when you read my letter you will understand why I have to divide my time between England and Italy. I used to think the world was such a crule place for taking things away from me and for making my life so hard at times, and then you coming into my life and assure me that it's okay to hurt. Im grieving everyday for my uncle, but I'm grieving in happiness knowing that I have found that hero in you! I hope you never forget that. I'm crying so hard right now but it's true. Thankyou K, Thankyou! xxxxx

  7. Awesome read. Only Non car/skate/snowboard related blog i actually take the time to read! You speak alot of sense. and so does your mum! Lol :) x