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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

No More Drama. Every little thing, gonna be alright...

I can actually feel the frown lines trickling across my forehead as I type the following words out of this blog -  throw in some puzzled feelings for good measure, and a head that is shaking from side to side in disbelief. Add in a heartbeat that was beating a little fast some hours ago at the pure frustration I was feeling at the time, but is now filled with a sense of calm patience and even a laugh in between breaths. 

The following words do not apply to all my beloved fans. They apply to some people who I'm beginning to question if they really are fans. Cause I know from experience that true blue fans are not demanding of constant attention, are very giving people, and as an artist and an actress, are amazing people I've had the pleasure of engaging with. :)

Every new recording artist or band is always encouraged and told how important it is to engage with their fans. Without the fans, you've got nothing. Record companies will come and go, but the true blue fans, will always be there for you, no matter what. They don't judge, they don't cause trouble - they're there to support you and your career through thick and thin. I'm really lucky and very proud of the fan base I have. They are some pretty amazing people of all ages, - always encouraging and supportive and so giving towards myself, my career, and to the other fans on my social pages. So it was really disheartening when I found out SOME people who call themselves, 'fans', started to turn against other genuine fans on my page, and turned a creative, and supportive page into a hate fest page - and a 'you said this, and did that', 'point your fingers at the other' kind of drama. In between the lines, leaked a pile of jealousy and cattiness which I've never experienced before on my page. I was so disappointed, I can't tell you. 

I'm not perfect. Far from it. I'm not the Queen, I'm not the god mother, or agony aunt, but a girl who is working hard in seeing her childhood dreams through, and trying to make a difference by encouraging other people, no matter how young or old, in following their dreams too. My facebook or twitter pages are all about the music, the acting, all things creative, charity, awareness for good causes, and being a place that's fun and inspiring to come to. It is NOT a place where some people can start cat fights, and creating drama on. I won't have it. I will not allow for the tone of my page to be ruined by some of these people, which my fans and I have worked so hard in creating on these pages. I really hate to do this, but in order to protect and show respect to the real fans, I'm going to have to delete (which I have never done before) any topics which do not relate to what my page stands for. For those to who this applies to, I am not angry. I am not pointing fingers. I just simply do not have the time nor the energy to focus and give to negative dramas, or negativity amongst each other on my page. End of story. I do not want to get involved and it is neither my place to. That is not why I am on everyday on my facebook or twitter page. I log in everyday so that I may show my appreciation and engage with my fans. I will not be made to feel guilty for tweeting one fan or another or commenting on a facebook feed. It is not favouritism, it is me simply trying to reach out to fans when I am able to. I cannot respond to every single tweet, facebook comment or message that comes my way. It is physically impossible, and it saddens me that I even have to write this or justify this at all to some of you who find it hard to understand this. If I choose to respond to one fan one day, trust me that I will respond to another fan, another day, or invite them to another event, to give EVERYONE a chance. Whatever grudges or opinions some of you may have towards other fans on my pages, keep it off my page, please, otherwise, I have to give this warning now, you will be removed from the page. Again, this only applies to the 5% of those people who caused this drama in the first place. My true blue fans NEVER give me these problems, and I love them more for it.

As always, I want to move forward from this, and I do not want to have to write on this subject again. This is not the blog I originally wanted to write about today, but after yesterday's fiasco, I had no choice but to step in and write this. 

Moving on to the subject of street teams. A lot of new recording artists have street teams. They are run usually by the fans. EVERYONE is welcome to join. It is not a clique. I support ALL the street teams created for me by my fans. What is a street team? It is a bunch of genuine fans who want to help spread the word about my music, my acting, my blogs and charitable causes. I appreciate every single one of those fans on the various street teams, who have sacrificed their time and energy to support my career. Does it make me love them more than my other fans who CHOOSE not to be on the street team? NO. I know not all my fans have the time to give for some of the activities that street teams do. And that is totally fine and doesn't make them less a fan then the ones on the street team. If you have any suggestions or ideas on ways of moving forward with the street team, then please join, and get active and share your thoughts. I encourage you, and it's a lot of fun too!

On a final note, I want to say a huge thank you to all the fans that support me near or from afar, who tweet me or facebook me every now and then, or even from the ones I don't hear from all the time, but yet, are always there for me, to support my music or acting roles. You guys are the unsung heroes. You support openly and genuinely and yet expect nothing back. Those are the kinds of people I have in my life, in my family and friends, and what I try my best to do myself. Giving is so much more rewarding than taking. I know I have those fans behind me, and those are the kinds of fans I cherish. That is a true blue fan. I salute them, and will continue to write music for them, act in roles which I hope they will enjoy, and most of all, respect them and protect the fun, encouraging, supportive and inspiring 'isms' which my social pages are all about. 

Onwards and upwards. Time to smile, enjoy life, and celebrate each other, and be grateful for all the wonderful things we do have. 

Yours always, KD xxx