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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Superheroes Alight!: A Song Blog Dedication

Lady Gaga may have her monsters, but I have my Superheroes. And some might think it's cheesy, but it's not the cheesy approach I was aiming for when Boots, Jeff and I wrote Superheroes a couple of months ago in la la land. 

We all want to be loved, and adored, and even though love is a universal language, it can also be a very complicated matter sometimes. In fact, even Shakespeare said it: 'The course of true love never did run smooth.' I asked myself aloud, when we had the guitars out in the studio...'How do people fall in love? How do people find love?' And then I thought of you guys, my beloved fans who I have the biggest crush on. lol 'How do my Superheroes fall in love?' and then it hit us in the room..that's it...that's what the name of the song should be, and we then began to write the song. An hour later, we had what we hoped, was a hit on our hands. And it reminded me...when something is so easy, when something naturally happens, it's meant to be. :) Writing Superheroes just fell into place so easily, and how awesome to think that you guys inspired us to write the song. 

So here we are! Pre-Order time of the song you guys chose for me to release. I couldn't be more happier and more excited to give this song to you. I hope 'Superheroes' will find it's way into your heart and the hearts of other peeps too. I don't know what will happen, but if I've learned anything from my superheroes, it's that, anything is possible if you dare to believe. 

A dear friend of mine, who I'm lucky enough to have on my team as well, once said to me: 'Record companies will come and go, but your fans are always there for you.' So true, and for that I am truly lucky. I don't ever take that for granted. The big record companies want quantity, they want numbers...but a fan isn't just another number. A fan is someone who witnesses the journey of another person's life: their ups and downs, and their achievements and helps make their dreams come true...that's pretty big stuff. I am a fan of my mother. I am a fan of Olivia Newton John! lol I am a fan of my superheroes, too. 

On a side note, last night was a bit tough. One of my good friends found out she has advanced breast cancer. I was so upset, thinking, here I am always wanting more with my career aspirations when my friend is fighting for her life. I was doing some hardcore thinking and reflecting. And then my twitter screen popped up suddenly with notifications and all your tweets of positivity, encouragement and support came through and I could smile again. That's what a 'superhero' does - picks you up when you need to be helped, and that's why I will always love my superheroes. My dreams are their dreams, and their dreams are my dreams too. I'm really proud of the community we have on my facebook and twitter pages, and that is all down to them. There's not enough good peeps out there, but I'm lucky they're all on my pages. Lucky me! 

So here's a little something for my superheroes to keep. Tuck it away in your wallet or pocket and pull it out when you need a hug or a smile, a cheer or warm thoughts coming your way...

You make this heart beat
You make each new day complete
You make the sun shine so bright even when the clouds are trying to cover up the big blue sky
You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me remember that I am alive
Everyday, you cheer me on, telling me again and again, that I am strong
You're not just another number, or another stat
You have hearts that beat just as brightly and just as fast
I hitched for a ride, and you cared enough to pull up aside
and together we drove off, on this crazy ride, heading for the sunrise.
It's amazing what happens when we both believe
Our hopes, our dreams, so clear to see
that love, and faith, it never leaves
The ups, the downs, the twists and turns
the joys, the laughs and the tears that burn
But the sun will shine as long as you're there
Anything is possible, for this I swear.

'How Do Superheroes Fall In Love?' Don't ask me, ask my superheroes... 

Your Always,
The Girl In The Pink Glasses xo


  1. Nearly cried! :( So teary! Yet another heart-warming blog! Love you xxxxxx

  2. Aw made me cry :( AMAZING as always Karen <3 xx

  3. amazing blog made me cry your right was so emotional towards the end

  4. katie jedward grimes30 May 2011 at 18:20

    i love this blog it amazing :) xxxxx