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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Green Eggs and Ham - Kicking the 'G.W.E' style

I think my love for the colour green, can really be blamed on my love for Dr. Suess', Green Eggs and Ham. As a kid, I used to always read that book, and whilst I'm a little bit reluctant to try green eggs and ham, (have any of you?), I do have a lot of green in my wardrobe. I love green. I love to wear green, except on my face. 'Green with envy', is definitely a universal, fashion faux pas. The 'G.W.E' style. It's not a good look on anyone.

Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't really buy into the 'green with envy' look. But then I think to myself, 'isn't that a choice that WE make?' I've never felt jealousy towards other peoples' good fortunes, happiness, rewards, or successes. If anything, their successes are really inspiring to me. I look at it more like, 'Wow! She did that!' or 'That is so amazing for him. I'd love to do that.' I mean, why waste your time and energy on being upset, or not happy that you don't have what the other person has? Wouldn't it be so much better, and much more fun to be inspired instead and then go make it happen for yourself - whatever it is that you want for your life?

In the music and acting world, sadly, there are too many people who sport the 'green with envy' style. And I've seen how much it consumes them, that they forget all about themselves, their story, and what they want, cause they're too busy being upset, catty, or bitter about someone else's life. It's tragic. I just wanna give them a big hug and nudge them, and say, 'stop crying over spilt milk, and focus on yourself instead.' But I am not an agony aunt, and you can't rescue everyone. You can only try and rescue the ones you care about. Most of these 'G.W.E' peeps don't have a clue who you are, but yet are so quick to be 'green with envy'. I don't get it, and I never will.

Envy is such an unnecessary emotion. It hurts, it pinches, and it can really throw off your focus. All those kids who bullied me in school, actually chose to wear the 'G.W.E' look about me. But the challenge for me, was to not let them and their shenanigans, get to me. At least I can be in charge of that!

There will always be those who choose to follow the 'G.W.E' motto. But I let them be who they want to be, and I keep being who I want to be. Even though sometimes, it can hurt, I don't let it hurt too much to make me upset. I just shake it off and focus on something that makes me smile instead. I'll just keep on being me, and that means being happy with my journey, and being happy for other peoples' happiness too. And all those chicks who try and stare ya down in the casting rooms in L.A or London - it doesn't bother me. I just keep smiling back at them. I'm not perfect, but I'm an individual and I don't have time to play games or worry about whether one breast implant is sagging more then the other or whether the girl next to me is prettier or younger. I'm happy with what I have, even if it isn't perfect. lol Imperfect is perfect and a lot more interesting. That's what Guy Ritchie once said, and I couldn't agree more.

A few years ago, when I was in India, writing and recording with A.R Rahman (Oscar winning composer of Slumdog Millionaire), I stayed at this really swanky hotel near his studios. And everyday, I had a butler, Charles, who would be at hand if I needed anything. Charles' lived in the slums, had a wife and 3 young boys, and despite the financial hardship, he would always look so pristine in his uniform, and have the biggest smile on his face. He was a genuinely happy man, always radiating with such warmth. And then and there, was the only time I wore the 'G.W.E' look. I thought to myself, 'he who has nothing, is the happiest. Why can't I be like that? Why do we always want more and not be content with what we have?' I was definitely green with envy. I want to be like Charles, cause the 'S.M.I.L.E look' is timeless, and very fashionable everywhere. And guess what? It doesn't cost a fortune either to wear.

Yours Always,
The Girl In The Pink Glasses xo

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  1. you're SO inspiring.
    i love you karen shenaz david.

  2. AbbeyCarolette25 May 2011 at 21:09

    I love this !!
    MissKarenDavid you're awesome ! xoxox

  3. OMG! i love this...your soo talented..seriously this blg is amazing! <33 xo

  4. Loveeeee it as usual :) Another lovely piece of writing - well done lovely! Love you <3 xo

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  6. once again another beautiful blog
    you never fail to write inspiring blogs xxx

  7. Another brillant blog, so thought-provoking and inspiring!

    Makes me think about things before my audition next week! Getting my monologues learned now! eeekk!

  8. AMAAAAZING! yet again <3 so inspiring. you are so incedible! really really really got my fingers crossed for june 7th xoxoxoxox

  9. loved it! amazinggggggggggggg!<3

  10. Your blogs inspire me each and every day, they also influence me to write my own blogs about day to day life. You're not just a great singer and actress but you're also a great role model, especially to young people who sometimes just need some words of wisdom and guidance to help them to feel happy about themselves, their lives and the people that surround them!


    p.s. http://09e07l94w.blogspot.com/

  11. Hello Lady K, once again, your blog this week was AMAZING! LOVE listening to you reading them on twitcam, they are truly inspiring! You really are a great writer, role model and I am so thankful to have ever met you :) I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to get an invite to your June 7th show or Nandos! Ive been tweeting the preorder link like crazy! ;) I really wanna meet you so much! You mean the world to me Karen, you have made my life complete, I dont know what I ever did without you :) Lotsa love and keep up with the blogs beautiful :) Love your proud and dedicated Superhero, Louise xo (@louisedelaney94 on twitter) xo

  12. Karen you're just too lush for words HEHE... *huggles*


  13. Karen you know I love you and your blogs, but do you really think Charles was happy.... or just doing his job..? Three kids, very little money, loads of worries about death and illness due to living in insanitary conditions. Hmm i'm just not sure Charles thinks his life is that great...? I say this with the upmost respect, and you do say we should voice our opinions... :)