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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Life After Waterloo Road: The Afterlife of Cesca Montoya

Crikey, it was only a week today that the final curtains drew to a close on Series 6, of Waterloo Road, and for my dear, character, Cesca Montoya. haha. And yet it feels like a lifetime, doesn't it? It still hasn't really hit me that the series is all over. But give it a few more weeks, and I reckon, it'll sink in. But for now, I'm still in that euphoric moment, happy for the story line I had, blessed to be given such a dynamic role, like Cesca, to play, and finally grateful to have met some of the loveliest bunch of fans, a gal like me could ever hope for. (You blushing? lol).

I am in total awe of Cesca. Every day since the finale, I've been receiving tons of love and support on twitter and facebook for all things, 'Cesca Montoya'. She is one lucky lady, - she even trended on twitter more then a few times in the UK and even worldwide! lol It's been truly amazing. And to think back to when the producers first told me about the story line with Jonah, I was really nervous and excited at the same time. Excited about having such a meaty story to sink my teeth into (no pun intended, really!;)) and nervous that the story line being so sensitive and controversial, and all the ladies out there loving Jonah, I thought I might be doomed! But that was far from the case. Instead, you all embraced her, and her journey...you laughed with her, you worried over her, and you also cried with her too, right until the very end.

When I started filming episode 11, I made a promise to myself and to the fans of the show, that I would act this very delicate story line with as much grace, and sincerity, as if it was happening to me in real life. As an actor, you have to submit yourself, allow yourself to be taken over by this whole other being...in some ways I imagine each of the characters that I've played in my career so far, as extensions of myself. I'm one of those actors that doesn't over think things - I 'just do it', (lol, remember that ol' phrase?) Michelle Williams, another actress whose work I admire, said once in an interview, 'You just become it.'

I knew that if I was able to make you, as the viewer, feel something in some way, when you watched Cesca on the screen, that I was doing my job properly. Actress, Sally Field, (which is a whole other blog, I must write about), accomplishes this all the time for me. When she cries, Oh My God, I cry my eyes out, when her characters on screen are suffering, I feel the pain - that lump in my throat. lol She moves me, and makes it look so so easy. And that's what I wanted to achieve with Cesca Montoya. Even though her actions may not have been the wisest thing to do, I wanted you, the viewers, to understand her journey, her struggles, and her genuine love for a 17 year old school boy named, Jonah Kirby.

A lot of you have asked and yes, I will miss Cesca and Waterloo Road. But what an amazing pocket full of memories I will take with me. I'm just happy that I can add this role to my list as one of my fave roles to have played. Although, I must admit, I think I'm more secretly excited about when I'm old and grey, sitting on the rocking chair, and telling my grandchildren, that I once played a very naughty, yet passionate Spanish teacher, named Francesca Montoya. ;)

Yours Always,

The Girl In The Pink Glasses xo


  1. LOVE this! Such an amazing blog. Hahaha loved the old & grey bit! Love you mama xxxxx

  2. amazing blog, you are such an inspirational woman, for that, i love you! x

  3. That was amazing!, one of my favourite blogs of yours:). From a true superher -Ben_Superhero :D

  4. Fantastic! Words from the heart!


  5. Yet another amazing blog! It did make me cry! I will miss Cesca so, so much! But we still have our Karen David so it's all good :) xx

  6. Loved it hunny ♥ truly amazing xxx


  8. loved this blog inspiring i thought as u read it on twitcam karen loved it so much best blog yet but i love all ur blogs

  9. you are such an amazing actress ... you make me laugh, cry, worry any emotions you feel, i feel :)

    you're writing skills are really good, its very funny but honest :D

  10. Hey Guys. I'm so chuffed you're enjoying reading my blogs. I write all of my life experiences, for you guys - in the hopes that it might make you smile and inspire you all, no matter how old or young you are, to live the life you want to live. xxx

  11. yet another amazing blog karen, it defintely inspires me. i will miss cesca terribly. you have taught me to live my life how i want to and to never give up on my dreams, i love you for that. thank you for sharing this blogs with us, your amazing..honest.
    i also loved it when you read this out on twitcam, aah, i do love the part about the grandchildren. i enjoy your blog so much, makes me smile!
    lots of love. @lailaclark xoxox

  12. another beautiful blog karen :)
    cesca will be missed and waterloo road DEFFO will not be the same without you, but im so excited to see what you accomplish in the future because i know that 2011 is your year to shine and me and the rest of the gang will be helping you along the way.
    much love lozza :) xxxx