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Sunday, 27 March 2011

What's your theme song? - Getting Over Nerves

I always love my walks and relish in the quiet 'alone' time. It gives me time to think reflectively, listen to my heartbeat, whilst people watching and taking in the fresh air. We're all kind of like radios with antennas. It's important to 'tune into' ourselves every now and then and find the right 'frequency' that suits us best. My boyfriend told me that one day, and it's really stuck with me ever since. 

Whilst I was strolling down the park, it got me thinking, I remember watching Ally McBeal. (Love Calista Flockheart - what a fun actress. I loved her quirkiness, and crazy-fun sense of humour).  But the one thing I will always take away from watching the show, is when Ally was told to have a 'theme song'...a song which she could always play in her head when she was nervous, or scared, or when she just needed a pick me up, to help her get outta bed, and the courage to start a new day. What a brilliant idea, I thought.  Now I'm not advocating blasting your eardrums with loud music on the iPod, especially when you're crossing busy streets (really not a safe idea), but if you can play your theme song in your head whenever you want, imagine the incredible feel good factor you're gonna have? You're gonna feel like a million bucks. haha. People might even stare at you and think, 'What's she/he on?'. (Yep, it's happened to me before. But who cares what other people, or total random strangers think, right?)

I remember one very painfully early morning, in the winter time, last year. I was filming Waterloo Road, and my call time was 6am, which meant I had to be up by 5:30am. At this point, my body was so knackered from all the early starts, and the daily grind of filming for the past few months. My body was starting to get mad at myself, and was on the verge of sticking up the middle finger, saying 'Karen, this is your body speaking. I've had it.' haha. I wasn't feeling well, had the makings of a flu-fever and knew that the day ahead was going to be a looooooong day with all the Cesca and Jonah story lines to film for Waterloo Road. I was nervous. I knew I had to do well, and there's no one to step in, like a stand in, to do your lines for you. lol How on earth was I going to make it through the day? Besides an overdose of vitamin C, I took out my iPod, and played my theme song. At the time, it was Shalamar's, 'The Second Time Around' (I listen to all kinds of music). So I blasted the song loud, and whatta ya know? I had this huge grin on my face. Fever? What fever? I was wide awake, and inspired to start the new day ahead. I was even dancing in the car, as I was being driven to set. When I arrived at the school, I got out of the car and danced my way into the make up chair. lol I even had some of the crew dancing, when I played them my theme song. All of a sudden, it was a great day, and my nerves had disappeared. The power of a good theme song.

We all have good and bad days. Even I have days when I wake up sometimes, and think, 'what am I doing with my life?' or ask myself, 'Where am I going?' lol Sometimes, it feels like the tough or 'rainy' days outweigh the good days. Or maybe we just don't seem to appreciate the good 'rainbow' days enough, when we have them. But next time, if the nerves are kicking in or you need that extra pick me up, why not try playing your favourite theme song in your head? Play it and play it LOUD,  - and if anyone looks at you in a funny way, who cares? It's you with the big smile on your face, and that's all that matters. 

Yours Always, 

The Girl In The Pink Glasses xo


  1. aww this blog is really sweet, actually made me feel abit emotional to be honest :')
    i love how honest you are in your blogs and how u help to inspire each and every one of us
    love you lots

  2. Completely feel the same. My only issue is I have one for every mood. My current two are Thin Lizzy's Out in the Fields and Laura Izibor's Shine. Probably as polar opposite as they come, but they always do the job

  3. Thanks Lozza and Kittic. :) Kittic, I have theme songs in my head too for different moods! Whatever works right? :) lol xx

  4. This blog actually touched me. I have that feeling and ask my self questions. Your blogs are really inspirational. It made me think of my theme song. lots of love xxxx

  5. aww! this is so cute:') it took me a while to read it cus im a slow reader and slow typer to type this comment. i dont know my theme songs yet, probably one of yours or another wacky yet inspiring song:')
    i agree, your always honest and dont give a care in the world what anyone thinks!
    i love the lines you say 'and if anyone looks at you in a funny way, who cares? It's you with the big smile on your face, and that's all that matters.'
    you keep me going, seriously, thankyou for that.
    i love you <3 Emily. xxxxxx

  6. I find singing along as loud as I can...pretending I have a voice to rival someone like you or Adele helps! Lol xx

  7. This is a lovely blog, you're the kind of person that easily puts a smile on my face.
    My theme song is probably Defying Gravity from Wicked :)
    Loves Xx

  8. very cool, it really does work. my day starts at 5 and there's nothing that gets me through a Monday morning better then a blast on the iPod on the walk to work. helps on a Friday morning too when the body's sleep deprived and tired as hell.

  9. Hey Guys. Thanks for sharing your theme songs. If you haven't got one as yet, just think of the one that brings a huge smile on your face and makes you feel great. Think of it and then tell me on here which song it is. I'd love to know! :) Rachel, you are so funny. Love it! It's good to sing it out loud! amen to that! :)

  10. Lovely and very moving. Brings tears to my eyes both these blogs. I am going through a really hard time right now at work which i can only describe as being bullied and victimized and being blamed for things i have not done. I have been listening to songs, I am what i am gloria gaynor is one of them which i sang last night and it really helped. The situation is not at an end and I have no idea what is happening and I am not really able to defend myself as i am not being told what is going on and feel nerves every time the phone goes and the post comes. Life is hard but as always Lucie silvas another great singer reminds me to breathe in life and breathe out wipe the dust from your sweet smile!! That is another of my theme songs.
    Sorry to go on, I am just feeling so low with all this going on and do not really know what to do and the theme songs brought it to mind.

    Thanks for being you Karen, you are a special person
    Take care
    Linda xoxo

  11. K, this is brill :)

    Can just see you bopping along to your music on the way back today.

    Funny how a song can change your whole aspect on how your days going, or how you're feeling. I love how you've managed to get in so much detail to describe it. Perfect.

    Loving the blog babe :) xo

  12. This is truly inspirational, Karen; I do the exact same thing!

    I have one for a lot of moods;

    When I'm sad I tend to play Avril Lavigne - Now You're Gone or Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone because they remind me of my Nan, who sadly passed away the day after my 13th birthday, back in 2007. I do this because it makes me feel like she is there to comfort me when I am sad.

    When I'm happy I think of Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen. Reminds me of family parties where everybody is dancing having fun and not thinking about the rough week they've had or whatever.

    So they are my theme songs!

    What are yours at the moment?

    Much love and big hugs!

  13. I totally know the feeling. I love walking home on my own with my ear phones in, watching whats going on around me. My life is on big music video. I believe that music can change your mood at the snap of a finger, no matter how down you are, the right song will put a smile on your face instantly.
    My theme song changes with the mood I'm in. Right now though it's your new song 'Pinky square.' The lyrics mean a lot to me :)
    Really am loving your blog KD! It is so inspiring and puts a smile on my face every time I read it.

  14. that's bad Linda, and theres only so much that music can do, but sometimes it's just wi hat we need to make light of things, and to say hey there hold on wait a minute... x

  15. i have so many different songs it really depends on my mood lol hmmmm
    love lauren xxx

  16. Wow that has totally got me thinkin...
    Have different songs that make me smile big because they remind me of amazing experiences, bring me right back to how I felt at the time. I still remember the song that was on the radio when my daddy told me my little sister had been born...or my first slow dance with a boy haha How tragic lol!
    But there's a song that reminds me of when I was studying abroad, it is probably my theme tune because it makes me think of a time when i was at my most confident & carefree....Embarrassingly enough the song was Doncha by the pussycat dolls. It was always on the radio...and always playin in the club and it really just evokes a feeling of confidence that you can really only have at 20 haha!
    But I put my hands up to admit that I love listening to my ipod, sitting in the park or walking around imagining I am in my own music video!

  17. awww this is such a lovely idea, think it will definetely help make my days better!!
    Will have to go and think about songs now :)
    Thankyou Karen, your amazing and a real inspiration!
    Loads of love xx

  18. p.s. Linda that is a horrible feeling Im sure. No one should ever be fearful and unhappy in their work place...especially at the hands of bullies! Just stay strong and remember that no situation is so bad that it cant be resolved. One suggestion would be to arrange a meeting with your superiors to discuss what is happening, it is their job to make your working environment safe and happy...xox

  19. This blog is already truly inspiring! (and funny lol). You never fail to make me smile Karen! I always get weird looks for doing this kind of thing! lol, but like you said "if anyone looks at you in a funny way, who cares? It's you with the big smile on your face, and that's all that matters." I love you KD xxx

  20. i love this :') & its true why should you care about what other people think especially someone who dosnt know you, they dont know you so their opinion dosnt count :D


  21. karen this blog is truly insperational and also funny :D i listen to music when im tired or upset it cheers me up and just lets me escape everything. your an insperation to me and many people you work so hard for everything and i want to be like you. your music is amazing and my theme song would have to be pinky square/push/my inner freak ah so many i love all your song and u of course. love one of many superheroes.:D (sorry for the essay) xo

  22. Hiya,
    I remember the craziness of Ally McBeal too (think some of the people on here are a bit young to have watched it but I think I'm just a little younger than you at 27) and used to think about the Theme Song thing - for me it was a way of giving myself a positive message at difficult times.
    Also, can I just thank you for giving young people such a good role model - I've only just stumbled across your twitter site and this and you clearly have a lot of young followers who look up to you, although I guess it is a lot of responsibility at times. I'm a primary school teacher and wish I had as much influence, but guess they just see me as an authority figure and not a hip, cool person to follow like you. Plus, I don't ever look as cool in school as your Waterloo Road character does! lol.
    Anyway, take care and keep going inspiring young minds!

  23. This post has really inspired me, so has the rest of your blog, Karen.

    I recently found my 'theme tune' and when I listen to it (Natalia Kills - Wonderland) I instantly feel better, more get-up and go and that has shifted my mood hugely with all the rubbish that has happened lately.

    I really hope you continue to write such amazing blogs to keep me going.

    Thank you,

    Alex xo

  24. Kelly 'Cheryl' Irons31 March 2011 at 22:05

    Thank you so much for this as you know i have a GCSE singing performance next wednesday and im really nervous, i am singing Like a prayer by Madonna and Everything i do by Bryan Adams. I am going to try the theme tune thing seeif it helps me :) your amazing and thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Despite only being nearly eighteen, I have grown up in a very mature environment in particular being the youngest of three, making me the blossoming 'woman' I am today. The theme song idea always brightened me up on the brightest of days, and especially on those times when you feel you just can't go on. Ally McBeal was a saviour. Ally McBeal for a good few years, was my life. Now, whenever I get the time, whether it's on a train journey or sitting at home trying to muster some motivation, you'll find my iPod plugged in, playing my latest collection of 'must listen to' music. I have an eclectic taste, mostly consisting of musicians that aren't that well known; it must be nice for them to know they don't have to be hugely famous to have their music matter to somebody. For five minutes of somebody’s life, they are being helped by the song they have chosen to play. Then there's the odd singer, such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Michael McDonald whom I adore - for a girl of my age, to be bursting out lyrics from these golden oldies, completely unaware of where I know them from, usually has my mother questioning whether I was here in a past time. And despite not being able to sing, you'll usually find me bellowing the latest inspirational lyrics out with others looking on probably thinking 'what is she doing?' but most likely jealous that with the troubles in the world, I'm skipping on through life, enjoying the life I have been given. To me, music is life. Without it, there would be an emptiness within me.


  26. hey karen, i love everything you have to say. it always gets me thinking about how i can be the best possible me. i listened to shalamar second time round because if i'm honest, i hadn't heard it before! listening to it i found i had a massive grin on my face cause i could imagine you raving to it, lol! i'm only still at school and doing my gcse's but you've helped me think about what i want to achieve and the type of person i want to be:) i'm not sure about what my theme song is at the minute, but once i know, i'll post it on here for you!
    lots and lots of love! sophie xoxo