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Saturday, 26 March 2011

I Am The Girl In The Pink Glasses - Who Are You? :)

My name is Karen David. I'm a certified dreamer, a lover, and not a hater. I wear my heart on my sleeve - what you see is what you get. I always follow my heart even though sometimes following my head would be a lot easier. But that would boring. I guess the beauty about listening to your heart, is that you probably won't have a lot of regrets, if any, and no one can knock you down for being truthful to who you are and what you believe. So that's how I strut, that's the beat I march to.

The Girl In The Pink Glasses is an extension of the awkward teenager I was growing up in Toronto and then in London. I was bullied in school for being different and quietly ambitious. I was a total ugly duckling, with a horrible acne problem. It took over my life, between the ages of 11 til I was about 16, and decided to revisit me when I was 22 til about 25. They were my best friends during these times.  lol I would hide behind my hair and my big ridiculously pink speckled rimmed glasses, but between hiding behind the glasses,  the hair and staring at the floor most of the time, I felt safe. I'm not telling you this to make you feel sorry for me, I'm sharing this with you because it's the tough times whatever they may be, which shape you into the person that you are. I'm glad I went through all that. I'm much stronger in spirit, much more caring towards how I treat other people. In some ways, the bullying probably made me more determined to prove to myself that I could be someone special, that I could be cool like the rest of the kids in school seemed to be. I guess I really should be thanking those bullies. They did me a huge favour! :)

So on that note, welcome my superheroes, to my blog spot. I receive a lot of fan mail everyday from my Twitter and facebook accounts, and letters dropping in the post - all asking about my life, my career, and how I got into this crazy world of acting and music. It's proving to be a challenge to answer every message or letter that comes in, so I thought if I blog about a topic, regularly, it might answer your questions, and hopefully inspire you to march to the beat that feels good to you too. :) Life's way too short to not have the life that you want, and that's all I'm doing. I'm not perfect - far from it, and from the stories or adventures I share with you on here, you will hopefully see that at the end of the day, I'm just like any other girl, who happens to have a few childhood dreams and is obsessed enough to make them come true. lol (I say that endearingly of course).

Until next time,

Yours always, The Girl In The Pink Glasses xox


  1. So enjoyed reading this & can't wait to visit this page some more!:) We all love The Girl In The Pink Glasses. Oooh, i'm excited! xxx

  2. Glad you decided to create a blog! I'll be constantly checking for updates:) And just to let you know, I think you have already proved that you are someone special (and definitely cooler than those bullies!) Lots of love, one of your thousands of superheroes :D xxxx

  3. Really inspiring :)Can't wait for more. Thank you xx

  4. glad you decided to do a blog :) was great reading it and can't wait to read more in the future :D xx

  5. Who am I? I'm a linguist and a lady :) Languages delight me more than anything else in the world! I speak English, Spanish, French, Swedish and Irish...I love travelling. Ive lived in 5 countries. Home is where my parents are. I love good manners and always let the lesser able have my seat on public transport. I've had the same group of best friends since I was 10..which makes me 16 years lucky! I wear my heart on my sleeve, this may not always be the best way..but it's the only way I know how. I'm a night owl. I don't like confrontation but that doesnt mean I will let you treat me bad. What I wanted to be doing while I was at school is totally different to what I do in life now, and that's ok too...some broken roads led me to new dreams! Just because I'm not with you anymore doesnt mean that I forget you, quite the opposite. I do honestly belive that love conquers all things, apart from toothache. I think we need to go back to a time with celebrities were talented. My niece and nephew are my life, seeing the world through their eyes puts things into perspective. I trust people until they give me a reason not to, so please dont do that :) Meeting new people excites me! Nice to meet you Girl in the pink glasses...I too, am a #girlinpinkglasses :)

  6. So please you've created a blog... you've done amazingly,and you should be an inpiration to everyone :D You're way cooler than those bullies :P and your definetely someone special!
    Love the girl in the pink glasses!
    Can't wait to read more!!
    Loads of love, one of your superheroes xx

  7. Hey Guys. I'm so happy you guys dig my new blog spot. I've been asked to do this many moons ago. This blog is for YOU guys, and I really hope it will answer all the messages and fan mail that I receive daily from you beautiful peeps, but most importantly, inspire and help you follow your dreams too! xXx k

  8. We got there eventually ;)

    So great to read something so personal and open. You've achieved so much over the years and for that I, among so many others, am so proud of you.

    Bring on the next chapter of your story. Gonna be good babe.

    Love&hugs. xo

  9. wow loving this already
    thanks for sharing your personal experiences
    looking forward to more of this
    lots of hugs :)xoxo

  10. Hey Karen, what an amazing idea, this blog! It looks awesome. I'm looking forward to reading from you :).
    Big hugs
    Steff xx

  11. Who are you? An Inspiration.
    You have most likely lead other people to follow their dreams, sharing stuff like this is personal, and people who read this will think if she can do it so can I.
    People who get bullied, look up to you because they know that what happened to you, shows them there is always the future to look foward to.like they say above every cloud there is a silver lining. Everyone should be like you, funny, nice , pretty but your unique and thats what makes you, you.
    You are my micheal jackson ;D, my biggest long lost sister to look up to. When times are hard looking at your blogs cheer me up and im sure there is someone that does that for you too.
    Just knowing that you have millions of fans out there, proves that you are doing everything there is to do right, and people love you for it.
    Thank you for being you <3
    lots of love, support and wish's
    Shanice Burgoyne <3

  12. karen its totally insperational u deffo taught them bullies. you have also taught me to follow my dream and not to let haters bring me down. you truly are amazing and certainly deserve every bit of love and happiness you get. love one of your many superheroes xx <3

  13. Hey Karen! I want to know more about your Shillong connection. How do you feel about that city? There is so much lying stagnant there.. and more in the North-east.. And I just wanted to mention that you write some fine lines! :-)

  14. wow. karen. wow! its me EmilyTweedy_ of twitter, just really have to say your blog is inspiring, i have a lot of dreams and ill work hard and fight for them to come to true, like you! the girl in those geeky pink glasses who became someone she was meant to be, the sexy spanish teacher in waterloo road, the amazing singer with the beautiful voice. just have to say you keep me going. your tweets keep me smiling everyday. i love you. your superhereo Emily<3 xxxxxx

  15. Im so glad you started up a blog karen.. i think its really lovely how you have set this up for us. Your such an inspiration to us all, i know for sure you have taught me never to give up on my dreams. I know for sure that i;ll be tuning in to this blog ALOT, checking for updates, we're so proud of you.. this blog is amazing. much love to you karen. xoxo

  16. An amazing and very insperationl blog Karen. I'm going to miss Cesca so much (and Jonah as well <3).

    I shed a tear reading this. I have shed so many tears over Cesca and Jonah this series haha. Love you both

    I will support you all the way.

    From a new superhero

    Becky xxx <3

  17. I love how you open up to us. This is so inspiring!
    Love u xxx
    Emma x

  18. truly inspiring me, i still get bullied and i'm currently in a low point of things, reading your blog's help hun x x x danilou88 twitter lol