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Thursday, 31 March 2011

For the love of Cesca: From Hollywood to Rochdale :)

Walking through the corridors on the set of Waterloo Road, (that was pretty much my second home), felt very bittersweet in those final moments for me, as Cesca Montoya. I remember it so vividly, I was in episode 19 mode (we shoot out of sequence), with Cesca's jeans on, Cesca's Blue cardigan...realizing that this would be the last time I ever wore these clothes again. I couldn't believe how quickly 6 months had flown by. Another chapter had come to a close - but what an amazing chapter of my life, it was. The moment Julie Edwards, our director, called 'cut' on the scene, which you all saw last night, when Cesca is crying her heart out on the stairwell, at the thought of losing Jonah, and never seeing him again, couldn't have been the most perfect scene to do for my final scene ever for Waterloo Road. In the time that I had spent in Manchester and in Rochdale, I had totally fallen in love with living up north. The people are so friendly, the cast and crew - like one big happy family. I felt like I really belonged there, and trust me, I've been on a few sets where that 'family like' feeling is definitely not there. lol

Before I took my final walk back to my dressing room, I had to go and visit Cesca's classroom, one more time. It was empty. all the chairs on top of the desks. I went up to my desk and plonked myself on that chair of Cesca's, where she often sat, and thought heavily about what she was getting herself into. And I looked around the classroom, and couldn't believe it was time to say goodbye. Seeing all the Spanish textbooks piled up neatly in a corner, or the Spanish terms posted on the wall, made me smile. It reminded me of my first day on Waterloo Road. We had the big read through of eps 1 and 2. I was really nervous, being the 'newbie' cast member...everyone seemed to know each other so well, and being a beginner in Spanish, I was also nervous about the read through. I was hoping and praying that all the Spanish terms and dialogue in the script, I would pronounce correctly and confidently. We were all seated in the round, Jason Done on my left and Will Ash was on my right. The producers, the casting director, Fraser, our director, the whole gang were there in the gymnasium. It was so exciting. We began reading, and when my first bit of Spanish dialogue came up, what do I do?!? I pronounce Rioja (as in the Spanish wine) as reeohja. OMG! Everyone started laughing. What a brilliant first impression as the new Spanish teacher, I made! I was mortified, and so embarrassed. How on earth could I have made a mistake on the simplest of Spanish words?!?! I quickly apologized to everyone, and said laughingly, 'How many more pages of this read through? Oh it's going to be a loooong afternoon for Cesca.' Thankfully, from that day forward, I had the help of Emilio, on the crew, who was fluent in Spanish, and he would always help me with any words I wasn't too sure about. Bless Emilio.

I remember when I found out about my story lines from eps 11 to 20, I called my Mom up, and told her, 'Mom, I am going to have a big love affair, with a 17 year old boy, and then I get knocked up, and then we elope, and I get into big trouble with the authorities. Mom's response was, 'Well done you.' lol But it was also at this time when I was so excited about the journey ahead for Cesca and Jonah, that I also knew that Cesca wouldn't be coming back to Waterloo Road. A very bittersweet feeling, yet again.

I have enjoyed every minute of playing Cesca. She was passionate about life, love, and family, and that is something I can totally relate with her on. As an actress, you dream of exciting and challenging story lines as the one that was given to me. It was a gift, to be able to show the different sides of Cesca, to play on the emotions (which were wonderfully exhausting by the way) of what was happening to her. I am so incredibly thankful to the BBC, Shed Productions, and the cast and crew for embracing me, and for embracing the feistiness that we all love about, Cesca. There is no doubt that I will miss playing her - probably one of my favourite characters that I have played so far, along with playing Layla in Scorpion King 2.

I'm so glad I took that flight home to London. I had just finished filming Couples Retreat in Bora Bora, and flew directly back via L.A. If I hadn't flown home then, I wouldn't be here typing this for all you lovely Waterloo Road fans. It would be some other lucky actress. Thank you for all your love, and support. I think the best part of being among the Waterloo Road family, are the fans. Definitely the sweetest and most wonderful fans I've ever met. So for that, I will always be grateful.

When we were filming the first couple of episodes in the Moors, (when Ruth runs away from school and ends up lost), it was hailing and incredibly cold and windy. I thought filming in the desert for Scorpion King 2 was tough, but the Moors in the North took the cake. We had been filming outdoors for hours, when Fraser, the director, teased me and said 'Don't you just love it Karen? From Bora Bora, to Hollywood and now to Rochdale!'.  And to answer Fraser, I can honestly say with the biggest smile on my face, 'I wouldn't have it any other way.'

'Spanish loves you.'

Your Cesca Montoya - Series 6 Waterloo Road xox


  1. Another fantastic blog- inspirational as ever.
    Love you millions xx

  2. I love this blog, Karen! It's amazing! All your Superheroes love you soso much as yourself and as Cesca Montoya!

    You're my idol... I love you, so much.

    Your Superhero, Gemma xxx

  3. Amazingly written, Karen!

    Very inspirational and just wow.

    Love from a new Superhero, Alex xo

  4. really inspirational :), one of the best blogs i have read ! x
    From a superhero :D

  5. love this blog karen i love you :)<3!!

  6. Love it karen, I cried at last night's episode XX

  7. aww karen :'( i love you so much
    im going to miss you so so so much on waterloo road it won't be the same without you <3 xxxxxx

  8. amazing :) @jodeenglish from twitter :) TWITCAM RIGHT NOW :) XXX

  9. completely loved it, very descriptive, touching and inspiring hopefully one day i can get an opportunity like this!

  10. I love this blog
    its so inspirational.

  11. This is so cute. When reading you were reading this out on twitcam I saw everybody commenting saying they were crying, I was along with them. This was just so sweet. I love you Karen. <3


  12. loved it, ill miss you so much on WR :(

  13. aww that was so sweet we will miss you loads karen hope u have a good future waterloo road will neva be the same without you <3 <3 xxx

  14. Loved how you read this to us live :) Yet again, inspiring! I always love your blogs! xxxx

  15. Although the storyline you have is brilliant, it's sad to see you go.
    We will miss you.

  16. I love your blog, and the whole Jonah/Cesca storyline :) I found myself ranting about how it would have been a whole lot easier for them just to plop off to scotland in secret, get married first and explain after, but it wouldnt make good telly ;)
    I'll be sad to see you go, and it's nice to see that the beeb haven't obeyed the political correctness of everything for once!

  17. Hey Guys. Thanks so much for your feedback and comments. I'm really proud of the work everyone put in to make Series 6 of Waterloo Road, so special. I will miss the show very much. Probably one of the most down to earth casts and crews I've ever worked with. But know this: YOU guys can't get rid of me that easily! lol I hope you guys will stay on this journey I'm on for a long time. We can witness each other's journeys together! Big hug, and lots of love to each and every one of you! kd xo

  18. This blog is so sweet, when you read this out on the twitcam i could picture everything you were saying! im so glad, you have shared that chapter of your life with us. Im so glad you had a GREAT time working on waterloo road, you have met some real friends ther!. big hug to you and keep up the inspriational blogs. love youu !

  19. When you read this on your twitcam I had tears in my eyes, its so adorable and lovely. I'm glad you had an amazing time fliming in Manchester, Rochdale is literally down the road and so many of my friends are in Waterloo Road. I'm gutted you're leaving but I can't wait to hear your music in full. Spanish loves you <3 xxx

  20. Lancelot Payne1 April 2011 at 01:48

    Lovely blog Karen and us superhero's are going to miss you.


  21. I'm so glad you took that flight, Cesca has been an amazing character in WLR. I dont think " some other lucky actress" would have been able to bring Cesca & the storylines to life in quite the same way you have! On screen you are incandescent and that is you, not the story writers or the directors...but you :)

    Excited to continue on this journey, the Karen David experience. I want to see what's next for The Girl in the Pink Glasses

  22. KARENNNNN : ]
    i LOVE YOU <3
    HiMALi XX

  23. Going to miss you in waterloo road won't be the same without you!!x
    lots of love Rachel xx

    p.s anyone no where the blue cardi was bought as i want to buy it for my mum for her birthday and i can't find it anywere!!

  24. Wow that was straight from the heart.. I must admit I had tears in my eyes reading it
    You were great in Waterloo Rd and will be missed.

    Good Luck to you in whatever you do next, you are such a nice warm genuine person.

    Cant wait for The Girl In The Pink Glasses

  25. WOW! Karen! You Certainly Have A Way With Words!
    You Are One AMAZING Actress!